All of our workplace training and consulting services are directed toward supporting companies that are expanding the diversity among their employees and towards their customers. Our services are designed to add value to a company's bottom line by creating stable, creative and efficient workplaces that maximize the skills of neuro-diverse employees and teach neuro-typical employees how to develop successful working relationships with their peers. 

Corporate Consulting

Often what looks like an attitude or behaviour problem is really a communication problem . Whether the cause of the conflict  is due to disorganization, a strong personality style, a low social IQ or a disorder like Asperger’s, coaching from Next Level ASD can get results.

Our corporate consulting services focus around;

  •  Helping HR professionals to develop effective tools to support an employee living on the autism spectrum.
  •  Providing coaching services to develop the communication skills and break down some of the social barriers  of high potential employees with ASD.
  •  Helping employers support diversity in order to maximize the performance of high value employees, and; 
  •  Community Education 

Contact us for more information about booking a Lunch n Learn presentation for your organization, or creating a consultation package.