Often, what appears to be an attitude problem in a high value employee is really a communication problem. Did you know that

1 in 68 North Americans lives on the Autism Spectrum? 


ASD, Autism, Non Verbal Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome are all terms used to describe an 'invisible disability'. More often than not, people with these diagnoses attempt to hide it from employers and co-workers fearing the stigma of popular opinion. Unfortunately, the nature of the condition makes it hard to hide.

Do you have an employee who has great technical abilities but who struggles with the ‘people skills’ required to be successful in his/her position? 

Did your employee disclose a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome /Autism / Non-Verbal Learning Disorder  and your Company is need of tools and techniques to accommodate him/her?

Does your Human Resource Department need help creating an appropriate Performance Improvement Plan for an employee who has disclosed an ASD diagnosis?



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