We empower companies to retain some of their smartest, most technically savvy employees. 

Companies can and should be great places to work. Sure you need to be profitable, but if your employees dread coming to work every day because they don't feel valued, understood or they don't know how to fit in, it will affect productivity. Our aim is to find solutions that will work for you; that enable you to retain high value employees, develop additional skill sets and competencies in your human resource team and help struggling employees develop needed skills.

the results our clients can expect

A workplace culture shift.  Social Psychologist and Scientific American writer Melanie Tannenbaum wrote that “awareness helps shift cultural norms”. This is as true in the workplace as it is in the general population. Teaching employees about different styles of learning and processing information, improves the relatability and connectedness of employees.

Increased competency in human resource and management professionals. “Dealing with grey” is outlined as one of the nine essential skills in Human Resource Management in an article written by Stephen Bruce (PHR, PH.D). The question of what is a reasonable accommodation certainly falls into this category. Providing leadership teams with solid accommodation strategies, will help provide clarity on when a simple shift can create an effective working relationship vs. when an employee relationship cannot be saved.

Increased job performance in employees with different styles of learning and relating. Engaged employees are motivated to work harder. Engagement is crucial for staff retention, productivity and individual performance, but it has a real impact on your bottom line. It is worth the time and effort to bring the goals and values of your employees in line with those of the company.

Increased sense of pride in company values. To put it bluntly, you cannot afford for your employees to not be profoundly connected with your company. Employee engagement has huge implications for productivity, quality, customer service, and overall profitability. Gallup polls indicate that more engaged employees have 50% fewer accidents and incur far less in healthcare costs.

The beliefs that guide our work with our clients

We value people.  We sincerely believe that everyone has something of value to share and that most people genuinely want to make a contribution; but not everyone is the right fit for every job. We identify and support the right fit.

We respectfully acknowledge the ‘elephant in the room’. Failing to address workplace conflict, performance issues or other barriers creates a dishonest culture that negates growth on the part of both the Management and the Employee.  We value open and honest communication.  

Knowledge is power.  The more we can educate your team, the easier we can help foster the development of a culture that both values and capitalizes on the diversity of its employees.

Our Approach

Before we can set any targets we need to better understand you, your business and the culture of your company.  Our initial Consultation Meeting involves an interview with the supervisor/HR personal, and a core needs assessment.

Following the review, we will offer a range service modules to help create a culture that works for your company and your employees with different ways of thinking.

The exact detail of these will be explained to you at this stage so you can accurately quantify the results they will deliver.

What makes us different?

Our understanding of neurodiversity and different ways of learning.   Mental health strategies assume typical social capacity and neurological development. They often don’t take into account different ways of processing information or provide strategies that are meaningful for concrete, literal thinkers.  

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