How did it all begin?

Sarah Taylor is the owner and Principal Consultant a Next Level ASD Consulting.  In 1996 as a college student, Sarah reluctantly accepted a summer job working with children on the autism spectrum, which would ultimately change the course of her life.  She discovered a passion for serving the autism population and went on to train as a Psychometrist and Behavioural Consultant. Ms. Taylor worked at the renowned Society for Treatment of Autism (located in Calgary, Canada) for 17 years and over that time developed her skills in assessment, consultation, and advocacy for people who live on the Autism Spectrum. 

In 2014, Ms Taylor made the switch from working with and advocating for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder to designing and implementing a federally funded program that provided employment supports for adults with autism and coaching support to partner employers. The program, being the most successful of its kind in Canada, has received national acclaim. Please see   for more information.   In her work for Spectrum Advantage, Ms Taylor came across many more people living with autism who needed more help than the program could serve. In her passion to better serve this population, Next Level ASD was born.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience provides a framework to help companies with developing policies, procedures, education and sensitivity training for employees.