The ‘What is Neurodiversity Anyways?’ Package

Right now your approach to dealing with an employee you suspect may be on the Autism Spectrum probably isn’t working for you. You may be ignoring the problems and hoping that they’ll go away, dealing with the issues in the same way you have in the past with other employees, or you may feel as though your hands are tied until there has been a disclosure of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

 You see the potential in the employee, and you want the information and the skills to effectively get the best of out of him/her, but you just don’t know where to start.

 Your Human Resource team is willing to make accommodations, but doesn’t know how. Meanwhile, the employee continues to struggle, producing satisfactory work, but making more and more isolating social blunders.

 That is why I designed the ‘What is Neurodiversity Anyways?’ Program

 What does the ‘What is Neurodiversity Anyways?’ Package accomplish?

 We work together to increase your Company’s knowledge and awareness of Autism, ASD, Asperger’s and Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and provide you with tools to make appropriate accommodations and create a ‘safe’ space for affected employees to disclose.

We do this by:

·        Providing Neurodiversity Sensitivity Training to all employees, which increases the workplace culture of diversity and inclusion. 

·        Increasing the confidence of your Human Resource/Leadership team by providing intensive ASD training on how to effectively accommodate neurodiversity.

·        Creating a safe, supportive work environment where employees are comfortable disclosing any diagnoses and move toward conquering any obstacles that may be standing in the way of achieving their full potential.    

Who is this program for?

This program is for companies who have hired an employee that clearly requires accommodations, but he/she is unable or unwilling to articulate what they need.

 Companies that see the benefits of retaining skilled employees who may struggle with the social culture of employment.

 Companies that are open to gaining a more complete understanding on neurodiversity, different ways of thinking and learning styles.

 Companies with leadership teams that are open to growing their skills and increasing their competence in managing diverse employees with different styles of learning.

What do you do first in the ‘What is Neurodiversity, Anyway?’ package?

 At our initial consultation meeting, we discuss the specific needs of the company and any issues and/or concerns that they may have regarding specific employees. We then complete a core issue assessment, which will determine the best course of action. From there, the rest naturally unfolds;

·        We determine the focus required to increase the workplace culture of diversity and inclusion by providing Neurodiversity Sensitivity Training to all employees.

·        We work together to build your management team’s preparedness to deal with different learning and/or social interaction styles.

·        We compile a toolkit of strategies and tools to accommodate employees living on the autism spectrum

Why this program is special or unique

 We focus on a strength-based perspective that builds duel-level spheres of competency.

 Level 1) Increased competency for Managers and HR Professionals;

Level 2) Increased neurodiversity awareness for all employees.  

The ‘What is Neurodiversity Anyway?’ Package is not for everyone. We tailor our services to companies who see possibilities in employees who present with social and organizational difficulties rather than those who see only disability.

 What others have said about the program

“So when (the employee) first started here, it was a little rocky at first, but Sarah counselled him and supported me…and he’s turned out to be one of our top performing computer technicians. He takes work home in the evenings…he has fixed several computers that we thought were unfixable” – Business Owner who has retained an employee who disclosed an Asperger’s diagnosis

“Brilliant speaker. The presentation was excellent in all respects. Great audience engagement and knowledge of topic!” -  Workshop Attendee

About the Program

‘What is Neurodiversity Anyway?’ is a professional service package that includes two lunch and learn Autism Awareness Presentation for all of your employees; three two-hour intensive ASD training workshops for HR Professionals/Management team and a comprehensive ASD Human Resource Toolkit complete with Archetype Alignment Recommendations.

Why this program works

This program works because it shifts the workplace culture from the inside out. It helps all employees develop a greater understanding of the autism spectrum and gain respect for different ways of processing information. It also helps employees who may be living on the spectrum, escape the stigma of a diagnosis and become successful self-advocates.  

What will happen during ‘What is Neurodiversity Anyway?’  

The emphasis of the program is on developing awareness and ultimately changing the culture and perception of different learning styles in the workplace.  

Diverse employees will develop a sense of security and the skills to recognize and advocate for their needs.

The management/human resource team will develop an understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders, what they are, how they affect workplace behaviour in employees and how to effectively meet their ‘duty to accommodate’.

 Why this part of the program is so important

The paradigm shift works because it attacks the problem from all angles. It shifts the workplace culture; the confidence and competency of the managers and/or HR team, and creates self-awareness and development for the employee living on the autism spectrum.

What results can you expect?

 You can expect a complete work culture shift.

·        Increased sensitivity to neurodiversity and different styles of learning and processing information

·        Increased sense of pride in company values

·        Increased competency in human resource and management professionals

·        Increased job performance in ASD employee

The structure of the program

Initial Consultation Meeting. This involves an interview with the supervisor/HR personal, and a core needs assessment.

2 Lunch and Learn Presentations ASD Sensitivity Training part one and two.

3 two-hour intensive training workshops for HR Professionals/management team spaced over six weeks

 The next step

If you think your workplace is need of a greater understanding of neurodiversity please click here to fill out the short form. We will be in contact within 48 hours.