The Paradigm Shift Package

 Right now, if a high potential employee disclosed an Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis, you as a business owner, manager, or human resource professional are required by law to make ‘reasonable accommodations’ to meet that employee’s needs.   However, the truth is, most people have very little understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders; never mind a clear idea of what accommodations they could offer.

 Many people living on the autism spectrum have the technical skills and expertise to master and even exceed job expectations, but completely lack the ‘soft skills’.

These are the employees who might talk too much, or too little; may not respond to jokes, sarcasm, or social cues; or in some cases may even seem volatile or angry. In this day and age, social fit has become more important than ever in the workplace, but, the fact is, what may look like a behaviour or attitude problem is often actually a communication problem.

A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) predicted that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months’ salary on average. For an employee making $80,000 that’s $40,000 to $60,000 in recruiting and training expenses.

Next Level ASD Consulting has created a solution that helps your company save on the cost of staff turnover by retaining high potential employees, while creating comfort and competence in your HR /management team, and helping your employees feel good about where they work. 

It’s called the Paradigm Shift.

 This is what the Paradigm Shift accomplishes:

We work together to increase your Company’s capacity to maximize the diversity of your employees while strengthening your brand and workplace culture.

We do this by:

·        Increasing the workplace culture of diversity and inclusion by providing Neurodiversity Sensitivity Training to all employees.
·        Increasing the competency of your Human Resource / Management team by ASD training and providing customized supports on how to effectively accommodate neurodiversity.

·        Enhancing the skills and performance of employees living on the autism spectrum through direct coaching and supports. 

 Who is this program for?

 This program is for companies that have unknowingly hired an ASD employee and need the tools to accommodate him/her.

 Companies that see the benefits of retaining skilled employees who may struggle with the social culture of employment

 Companies that are open to gaining a more complete understanding on neurodiversity and different learning styles.

 What you do first in The Paradigm Shift

 At our initial consultation meeting, we complete my specialized assessment process to get to the core issues that may be impacting the ASD employee/employer relationship. From there, the most pertinent step in the process emerges and the rest naturally unfolds;

·        Your Company/workplace culture towards different ways of thinking and different abilities.

·        Your management team’s preparedness to deal with different learning and/or social interaction styles

·        Your strategies and tools to accommodate employees living on the autism spectrum

Why this program is special or unique

 We focus on a strength-based perspective that builds multi-level spheres of competency.

Level 1) Increased competency for Managers and HR Professionals;

Level 2) Increased competency for individuals living with autism;

Level 3) Increased ASD awareness for all employees. 

The Paradigm Shift Package is not for everyone. We tailor our services to companies who see possibilities in employees who disclose an Autism Spectrum Disorder rather than those who see only disability.

What others have said about the program

 “The program has taught me how to retain employment by understanding that not everything is done the same as past places I have worked in and to accept that change is good and beneficial sometimes.  The thing that stuck out to me about the program was that they understood the way I thought and helped me … understand the way [my employer] wanted the project or reports to be done and help avoid confusion over the difference between positive, negative and neutral feedback. The program was a great in helping me keep a job that I love going to every day with a company that I enjoy working at.” – Digital Records Manager living on the Autism Spectrum 

“So when (the employee) first started here, it was a little rocky at first, but Sarah counselled him and supported me…and he’s turned out to be one of our top performing computer technicians. He takes work home in the evenings…he has fixed several computers that we thought were unfixable” – Business Owner who has retained an employee who disclosed an Asperger’s diagnosis

“Brilliant speaker. The presentation was excellent in all respects. Great audience engagement and knowledge of topic!” -  Workshop Attendee

About the Program

The Paradigm Shift is a professional service package that includes a one hour-long Autism Awareness Presentation for all of your employees; three two-hour intensive ASD training workshops for HR Professionals/Management team and 5 sessions of one-on-one coaching with an ASD employee.

Why this program works

This program works because it creates spheres of competency for the relevant parties. More competent ASD employees, more competent managers, and more awareness among the team. 

 What will happen in the Paradigm Shift?

The emphasis of the program is on developing workplace culture of change toward diversity, rather than placing all the onus onto just one group.

The employee who lives on the autism spectrum will develop a deeper understating of the social ethos of the workplace, an understanding of employer expectations and strategies to identify and ask for what they need.

 The management/human resource team will develop an understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders, what they are, how they affect workplace behaviour in employees and how to effectively meet their ‘duty to accommodate’.

 All employees will learn about autism spectrum disorders and develop increased sensitivity.      

 Why this part of the program is so important

 The paradigm shift works because it attacks the problem from all angles. It shifts the workplace culture; the confidence and competency of the managers and/or HR team, and creates self-awareness and development for the employee living on the autism spectrum.

What results can you expect?

You can expect exactly what the name promises, a complete work culture paradigm shift.

·        Increased sensitivity to neurodiversity and different styles of learning and processing information

·        Increased sense of pride in company values

·        Increased competency in human resource and management professionals

·        Increased job performance in ASD employee

The structure of the program.

 Initial Consultation Meeting. This involves an interview with the supervisor/HR personal, and an interview with the ASD employee.

1 hour long Lunch and Learn ASD Sensitivity Training

3 two-hour intensive training workshops for HR Professionals/management team spaced over six weeks

5 one-on-one coaching sessions with the ASD Employee